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Happy New Year 2019 (HALUU World, Jakarta)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019, everyone, my lovely readers and followers!
Why time flies so fast, and this is 2019 already~ How was your NYE going? My NYE was so ordinary and nothing special, because I was just laying on my bed and watching youtube hahaha. But it's OK, I still have my new year resolution and prayers with me!
Thank you for the ROUGH 2018 back then, full of tears, betrayals, broken promises, and tragedies. But it made the current 'me', to be stronger, because you know, life won't be that easy when you are getting older.

And I wish in 2019, I could be more aware with my surroundings, like toxic people and circles, be more mature and I wanna get closer to God too. I wish that this year I could finish my school and graduate with good grades, and yaa..maybe I'm gonna looking for a job that suits me and my major. I wish this year could be better, and..happier... because I was really exhausted in 2018 :(

Okay, let's move on to my outfit details. Here, I had pho…

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