Friday, May 25, 2018

a Little Lady Rocker School Outfit

Hello my lovely friends, readers!
I'm back with my first post in May after a very long delay XD I dunno what's going on exactly with myself these days, I feel really lazy and not productive!
Maybe because I'm tired with my daily routinity? I guess so... and it affects on my blogging activity too, really sorry for not being in time at blog posting. But I hope that you'll still waiting for me and my outfit journal here <3~

I got some issues about my school tasks too, received many tasks from my lecturers OMG and I'm already not that 'burned up' like the past semester, I even haven't write my internship papers, God gimme more spirit please ><

Beside it all, let's talk first about my outfit here! I'm wearing pretty simple yet comfortable outfit for school, only a graphic tee that I got from @kedai_pagi and paired it with green suede skirts and black mules. Because you all know right, don't overdressed at school hihihi.

And I added a black rivets belt for accent, my curret favorite accessories! Because it gives some rock and retro touch to my outfit. Do I already look like a little lady rocker here posing with a retro vintage motorcycle? lol.

I'm wearing this outfit for school, and after school ended, I went to a new coffee shop around Kota Lama, Semarang for lunch with my boyfriend, the coffee shop name is "Hero", I really like the place's vibes, because the interior and design is so beautiful with many greens and flowers inside. I feel a vintage and retro vibes too here, with white color domination, which is my favorite too!

Here is the details of my outfit:
Black Graphic Tee @kedai_pagi
Green Suede Skirt from Juzzie 
Black Rivets Belt @xu_closet
Black Mules @avancewholesaler
Black Tattoo Choker

Anyway, have you checked my new youtube channel? Yes, I just made one, lol, will be sharing about fashion and coffee there, I shared about my beauty routine once there, kindly help support me by subscribe it "Milka Amelia" and give some opinion and comments <3

Here is one of my video about my beauty skincare routine !
Thankyou so much for being here and read my post, hope you guys will have a great weekend!
Love ya,

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Tangled Up In Blue

Hello everyone, sorry for missing for around 1 month :(
My college life started last month after I finished my intership program at Gadis, Jakarta, and I went back to Semarang again last month.
I entered 6th semester already and my college life is getting serious since now I'm not in the early semester anymore.
And then I was so busy with my college days and activities, include the tasks too...
But thanks to God, I'm still breathing 'till today and passed it all, beside it I'm happier I guess because of falling in love, yea of course with my boyfriend, and time passed quite quick, we are already been together for 2 months, yeah I know it's still a long way to go, but I feel thankful that we are getting better day by day.

Let's move to my outfit post here!
These photos were taken by my 2nd brother, Rudi at Giyanti Coffee House, in Jakarta. I really love the design and interior of Giyanti, it's interesting, artsy as well, and this coffee shop is mostly covered in blue color, so if you are a blue lover, this place will be ur favorite, lol.

Didn't mean to match my outfit color with Giyanti, but surprisingly my outfit matched the place hihihi


Navy Camisole - Bought at ITC Mangga Dua
Two-toned Midi Skirt - H&M
Yellow Sling Bag - Bought at ITC Mangga Dua
White Heels - @mintandmauve (Instagram)
Cherry Earrings - Biekoobee Accessories by Kiki Farrel 

 I'm wearing pretty simple outfit here, but I feel so feminine in this whole outfit. Sometimes it's true that simple is beautiful too, right?
Hihi <3

I hope that this April will bring more blessing and happiness for you all! I'm getting closer to my mid test, kindly wish me tons of luck so I could pass all of the test!
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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Flamingo in Pink + Internship Stories

Hello, March!
How was your day, everyone? Finally, welcome to the first post of Charming Berryz in March!
This post will be full with summery vibes and bright colors, like pink and tosca !

Thank you for my 2nd bro as always, Rudi who took all of the photos. And we went to a new spot in Semarang, called "Lunpia Village", it's a little street close to Plampitan Street. Even the road isn't that narrow, but I really do like the colorful vibes there, it's full with one of my fav color, pink!

It's called Lunpia Village because most people there are the makers of Lunpia skin, and for you who never heard Lunpia before, it's a popular food from Semarang City, filled with bamboo sprout and shrimp usually, personally I didn't like it because I can't stand the smell of the bamboo sprout, lol. But you still have to try Lunpia if you visit Semarang :)

Yoo hoo! Now talk about my outfit here. Chose something simple, casual but still sweet and cute as well. I was wondering about a fun summer concept, so here is it, decided to wear short denim pants I rarely wear, lol, since I'm not a big fan of shorts hihi!

And paired it with my flamingo pink shirt and white platform heels. Matched my outfit with a tote bag from Miniso xD I love this tote bag since it's on pink and it could bring many stuffs inside, so quite practical!




My Outfit Details: 

Flamingo Pink Shirt - on Instagram but I forgot the shop's name
Denim Shorts - Fada Boutique
White Heels - @mintandmauve on Instagram
Pink Tote Bag - Miniso
Earrings - Diva Accessories

 And thank God, finally this week is my last week for internship program at Gadis Magazine. Didn't expect that time flies so damn fast! I've passed many things and works, got so many interesting experiences, like my very first time being a real stylist, it was so exhausting, you really can not underestimate a stylist profession! I prefer to be a model rather than a stylist, my body and soul isn't that 'strong' for being a stylist, LOL. But didn't mean that I don't enjoy my job as a stylist, I liked it so much, but if I could choose, I still choose being a model xD

I had to look for the style concept from 0, look for the right costumes and wardrobe in LESS THAN ONE WEEK, choose the right poses and moods, run from here to there, anywhere to borrow and find wardrobes that suit the theme, decide the right make-up that suit the theme, be creative for mixing and matching clothes and accessories, choose the final photos, think about what design that suit the theme, until laundry ALL the clothes that has been used for photo shoot and give it all back to the owner, store or designer. I did it alllll! Thank God, I had Tiza as my stylist partner!

I experienced as a real content maker too, on online magazine and print magazine as well, how the deadline 'haunted' me, but thank God I finished it all until next Friday will be my last internship day!

Not only that, I experienced being a fashion and beauty 'journalist' too! Went for some events and press conferences already to gather some important news that should be shared and posted on the online magazine. It's quite exhausting but interesting, met many senior journalists there from various TV and media channels and we shared about journalistic world.
The fun part being a media journalist is the freebies that I got as always after the events ended, hihihi!

Of course I won't forget my experiences here from internship and all new friends I've made there at Gadis Magazine. Without all of people there, I wouldn't finish it all!
And I'll be back to Semarang on this Saturday, so excited, I miss my family, friends and all the coffee shops there! Hahahaha


Guess that's allfor this post, hope that you get some inspirations and enjoyed it! Have a great weekend ahead, and don't forget to follow this blog if you haven't followed me <3

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Love You,

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Oriental Retro Gal

Hello, everyone!
Welcome to my second post of February~
First of all I'd like to say Happy 'late' Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate, like me !

How was yesterday, the most lovable day, Valentine? Did you got interesting and sweet day? Because me, I got my sweet stories on this year's Valentine, different from the previous Valentine Days, lol.

Thanks for the one who always tried to make me smile, and never stopped showing the love, and finally someone said to me, yesterday, he asked me to go out with him. Damn, why was he so sweet, but I haven't gave him the answer yet, I need to meet him directly, in person, and eye to eye to give the answer :p

Enough with that love love love stories of me, let's move to my outfit details in this post. I chose red, as the symbol of Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year Moment too, so in this post I'm wearing red-themed outfit, with "oriental" touch. And because my outfit got some 'retro' vibes too, let's called it 'Oriental Retro Gal' <3

The retro touch about this outfit is from my high-waisted denim pants and big buckle belt that became one of my favorit fashion combination now. And added oriental touch to this outfit with Chinese floral printed cap by H&M, then red tassel earrings.

Finally got the chance to wear this gold-heeled strappy heels that I bought online at @mintandmauve Instagram) one year ago, didn't expect that this heels could match with my outfit theme~

Anyway, since last Saturday, I got sick, 'Singapore Flu', so my hand and foot palms were full with red dots which looked similar with Chicken Pox disease, but it's not, and my throat was sore and I was so hard to swallow foods, my body temperature were high too on the first time and I felt so exhausted and tired, like I got no energy at all.

Even though I got many jobs to be done in the office, and this week I should be in charge of magazine photo shoot styling, but due to my sickness, I couldn't got a chance to finish my works, then I had to be replaced by my friend :( I feel so sad because I suddenly got sick, and it was like, breaking all of my concepts, works that I've done since the beginning :(

But I couldn't do anything, I got no plan to be sick at all, but maybe God told me that I was working on myself too hard, and I had to get some break.


Red knit crop top - Forever21
Denim pants - Shopee: boxofjeans
Chinese floral red cap - H&M
Red strappy heels - @mintandmauve on Instagram
Big Buckle Belt 
Red Tassel Earrings

Despite of that sweet and sour stories of my life, I'd like to thank all of you who read this post, thanks for the support, please keep supporting me and wish I could recover faster from this sickness.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year, once again! Kindly follow @milka.amelia on Instagram to get more updates from me, and one more info, I JUST MADE MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL (Milka Amelia), and please support me by subscribing my channel, I just posted about my first beauty talk, daily skin care routine of me <3 Don't mind to drop some comments and opinions there~