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Lil' Miss Leopard

Welcome to my 2nd post of November! How was your day, fellas?
I'm doing quite good this half of November, on 8 I went to Jakarta to had photo session job for a clothing brand, then I attended YSL Beauty Hotel Indonesia in Plaza Indonesia, I stayed for 3 days only because I still have some classes to be attended. But I think it was quite relieving my stress, since I could have a job I loved, got new experiences by the event, and of course met my best friend there at Jakarta, like Mia and Tyas after we've been lived in different town, because you know I lived in Semarang.

So this post, all off the photos were taken my bestie, Tyas when we had a lunch in Kanpai last Sunday. I'm really happy I could meet her again after several months. Anyway, I just had my birthday on October 16th, and Tyas gave me a present, it's a novel by Kevin Kwan, "Crazy Rich Girlfriend" (2nd series after Crazy Rich Asian). I'm so happy because I'm a fan of Crazy Rich Asian and be…

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