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Fulfilling Milestones

Ola Mi Amor! Did I spell it right? Haha nvm, I'm just trying to greet u guys after -+ 4 months hiatus from my online daily, lifestyle fashion journal, this Charming Berryz, which became my silent life and struggle witness since 2011 (I changed my blog site around 2012/2013 once). You know that my current biggest struggles til today is adjusting myself as a grown-up figure, pandemic, college thesis and my independent life goals and ambitions, that ended me up on a depressed mental state. HAHA, but nevermind, this shall pass (again and again). I wish you're all doing well here til today, thanks for still reading my newest update, and I wouldn't mind to see you guys reaching out my comment section below to know more about how're you doing <3 Let's jump deeper and scroll down the page! Eat Well! A big plate of English Breakfast in Ohana Cafe, Semarang. One of my best cafe recommendation here in Semarang, it's quite popular with the cool minimalist and clean archi

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