Fulfilling Milestones

Ola Mi Amor!

Did I spell it right? Haha nvm, I'm just trying to greet u guys after -+ 4 months hiatus from my online daily, lifestyle fashion journal, this Charming Berryz, which became my silent life and struggle witness since 2011 (I changed my blog site around 2012/2013 once). You know that my current biggest struggles til today is adjusting myself as a grown-up figure, pandemic, college thesis and my independent life goals and ambitions, that ended me up on a depressed mental state. HAHA, but nevermind, this shall pass (again and again).

I wish you're all doing well here til today, thanks for still reading my newest update, and I wouldn't mind to see you guys reaching out my comment section below to know more about how're you doing <3
Let's jump deeper and scroll down the page!

Eat Well!
A big plate of English Breakfast in Ohana Cafe, Semarang.
One of my best cafe recommendation here in Semarang, it's quite popular with the cool minimalist and clean architecture that's instagramable as well~

A wrapped veggies salad next to my english breakfast plate, it was my brother's, taste good too!



Due to this covid19 pandemic most of all life-cycle and habits were changed, following the new normal protocol. I dunno about your countries, but in Indonesia the new normal things affected fashion and style habit too. Because we're mostly are staying at home and didn't travel a lot like before, most of fashion industries following this era by making simpler, and more effortless- basic pieces to be worn by us. And some of brands even made designs that are flexible, could be worn at home only or for outing, and that's a great idea for my opinion, I enjoyed the new style habic as the covid19 effect here.

I'm really comfortable wearing this basic knit set in ocean blue (?), suits the hot weather here in Semarang, and shaped my petite body more, so I look more mature in this simple but still feminine set! I got this from Grandy Store on instagram, once u typed it, the shop's name will appear :D
Do you like the new basic trend like me too? And now I got more of basic pieces into my closet, just can't get enough of it! It's becoming my newest statement lol <3

I dressed much more simpler too lately because of my style-changing transformation, like, it's hard to be explained, not only due to pandemic I changed my personal style, but maybe because I'm aging and life teached me to be maturer, my style followed it too, do you find it weird, or you ever feel the same like me?

Outfit Details
- Blue knit Set - Grandy Store (Instagram)
- Bag - Mom's vintage treasure
- Clear heels- Public Desire via Zalora Indonesia
- Earrings - Stradivarius

--S T R E T C H I N G  O U T--

Posed comfortably in this knit set. 
Loosen-up the burden and pain! Haha. Talking related with burdens, I would like to share about my thesis progress that has been 'jailing me inside'. It's almost 2 years since I started my thesis to graduate from college. But life has been cruel, and I got along with all I've had to pass, util finally I made a big progress, through the dirt and dust, with blood and tears as well. I'm done with my thesis defense, but...

Yaa...I have to fix and do much revision on my thesis paper, guys. But I'm so stressed up because I feel that everyone's around me related with my thesis work didn't support me, moreover, I feel deceived, threatened, and I'm getting more depressed because of it. I'm done with crying, I got another problems in life I couldn't tell more here, but I'm dealing with myself so hard already, and I had to deal with these conditions too...
My colleagues congratulated me because I 'unofficially' graduated finally, but I feel different, it wasn't the end, I haven't end this thing, and I'm afraid if I could not do and fix better until I made it official.
I feel alone, suffocated, but couldn't speak it all. My suicidal thoughts sometimes still came up, I just tried to do my best. Only you here, my blogpage readers that read this knew about it. I don't speak much on others. I wish I could survive and make things better for myself and my surroundings. Wish me luck, 
One little milestone fulfilled, accomplished, thesis defense has done. 
Thank you God.

-------------------------------------I Love You, Milka. You've been doing good.----------------------------------

Let's move on to another new page, and write another great life story through those problems and depressions. 
All things were challenging us, but it's in our hands, face and finish things up, or stay silent doing nothing and drown inside?
Walk and reach your milestones along with Milka.

I believe one day, I dunno why, I will be super Okay and fine, so you are :)

   Thank you for stopping by my page,
I love you guys,
See you on another updates.
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  1. outfit nya cangtip bgt kak ^_^

  2. Kudos on completing your thesis!
    The veggies salad and English breakfast plate look yummy.
    OMG, you look absolutely stunning and extremely attractive showcasing that pretty coordinated blue knit crop-top and mini-skirt set from Grandy Store!!!!!!
    I also like the appearance of the pretty earrings and clear heels.
    Your hair, mascara, perfectly applied lipstick all look beautiful.
    Wishing you many very healthy, successful and happy years ahead!
    xx <3 :D

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