ARIUL 7 DAYS MASK- New Fave Sheet Mask

I'm getting more and more aware with my skin nowadays, now I'm trying to take care of my face well, by using daily skin care regularly like serum, sun screen, never forgot to wash my face till squeaky clean, and one more important thing in my skin care routine is face mask!

Skin care everywhere, everytime!

Lately, when it comes to face mask, one of my favorite face mask is Ariul Sheet Mask that came in 7 variants. Ariul is a Korean based beauty brand that produced by C&Tech Corporation and distributed by PT. Socia Bella Indonesia, in Indonesia.

At first I didn't think that this mask will be that good, but my prediction was wrong, because now, almost everyday I'm using this mask before sleep. I'd like to say (always) honestly, this brand is my fave because of the right serum amount, the right thickness of the mask, it's not too thick and it sticks to my face well when I'm wearing this mask, this mask contains natural and safe ingridients, and once again this Ariul mask got many choices which are 7 kinds of masks that you could choose based on your personal skin type and problems.

Here are 7 variants of Ariul 7 Days Mask with each benefits:

Lemon- Brightening
Aloe- Calming& Soothing
Bamboo Water- Extra Hydration
Pomegranate- Increasing face elasticity
Avocado- Quicker Face Regeneration
Tea tree- Tightening pores& calming acne skin type
Green tea- Sebum Control

Guess which one that became my favorite variety? That's the lemon one! I love the lemon one, because I got dull skin problems, and this lemon mask could brighten-up my skin, make my skin feels fresher and could control sebum on my face as well. I love the natural lemon scent which is not 'too much' for me, since I dislike too strong-scent that could 'hurt' my nose, lol.

The photos below is me when wearing Ariul 7 Days Mask, you can easily put this mask on anywhere everytime you want like Milka hehehe, maybe not only before sleep, but in the office or coffee shop as well like me, dare you? xD

For my Indonesian friends, you can get this Ariul 7 Days Mask via online at Sociolla for 19k/ each, or you could get this in bundle for 133k for the whole 7 kinds of the sheet mask. Another ways to purchase this mask, just find this Ariul mask on Watsons/ Guardian, or Indomaret, super easy and reachable rite? This is one of my new beauty recommendation you should try for real!

Ariul Indonesia is holding a Giveaway that you could join now until October 27th, 2019, how to join and win Ariul Exclusive Kit and get the GRAND PRIZE: Instax Fuji Film? Just check more through @ariul_id 's Instagram now, don't missed this giveaway and get your Ariul 7 Days mask now !

Thank you for visiting my blog, hope you'll get inspired! Catch me and more of my updates on my instagram too @milka.amelia . See you on the next post babies!



  1. so cute masks - I am big fan of masks in general meaning so I would love to try them

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  6. Interesting review, dear! I want to try these masks

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  8. oh I heard about those masks ! They look so great !


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