Let's Stay Inside

Howdy, everyone!
It's been almost half a year I didn't post anything here, had lots of thing to do back then in my daily life, such as working on my thesis paper, doing endorsement shots, and such. I'm doing....not that good actually..but I have to be okay and strong among those problems, that's a big struggling for me, lol.
I hope you guys didn't forget about me, anyway hahaha

But I'm glad that I'm back here with you my lovely friends and readers. I'm sorry since I couldn't write regularly like before due to my other activities, and lately I'm being more active on my Instagram @milka.amelia . So, if you would like to stay in touch with me more just reach me there!

Usually I'm writing my blog outside, in a nice coffee shop with a good coffee as well, but right now I'm typing inside my home, because we couldn't get outside, since it's still in the quarantine mode, because of Corona/ covid19 pandemic that's quiet creepy in the whole world. I wish you guys stay safe and healthy, even because of this all became super unstable, I pray that this will end soon and we'll have our good daily life and activities back. I miss cafe hopping, watching movies, go to the salon and can't wait to tidy up my hair and have some treatments, because it's been around 2 weeks I'm inside and didn't go anywhere. And would like to say sorry if you lost something due to this severe global pandemic, bless you my friends, things will get better soon :)

Here's my ootd for today's post! Took the photos months ago when corona hasn't arrived yet lol, and the photographer is my buddy, Yohanes (@yoku_ho) you can check his portfolio on instagram :D
I miss having outdoor shoot so much :( Kinda feeling more depressed here only staying inside, even it's for good, but I'm still a human, haha, couldn't stay like this for too long.

Yaa, if you were my old readers would know about my anxiety , overthinking issues that bothered me since around 1 year ago, I do think too much, afraid too much, worry too much, and didn't believe in myself, that's bad. 
So I try not to get deeper in my own thoughts by keep doing my content, like this blog, making tiktok dances, beauty and fashion video, or instagram, even it made me anxious too, i'm oftenly comparing myself with others, which is bad ikr...I wish I'll get better soon.. :)

Sadly my thesis got postponed as well because of corona, my uni got locked down til next May 29th :( I wanna graduate asap but whyyy

Move to my look!
Feeling bored with your basic dress? Me too, that's why here I added a belt for an accent and paired it with denim acket, you'll get the 90s retro vibes look, and make it perfect with basic black heels and cat eyes glasses for the accessories :D voila~
I'm wearing this kind of look for hanging out with friends, to the coffee shop, casual but looking cool, still!


- Denim Jacket - dad's vintage
- Red dress - H&M
- Heels - Charles and Keith
- Belt - Stradivarius
- Earrings - Stradivarius
- Glasses - Shopee

That's all for this 1st post on March 2020 for you guys, I wish this covid19 pandemic will end asap, stay healthy you guys, don't go outside for awhile until this is ended please, don't forget to eat healthily and do some exercise so you'll stay fit and fresh!

Thank you for visiting my blog, have a nice day and have a good work from home, bless you all!



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