It was 3 months since my latest blog update. Wondering are you guys still here and excited if my new post is coming up to your feed? I guess no, but I dunno somehow I couldn't leave this page, because you guys knew it that I'm growing up until today with this blogger page, since I've been starting my blog since 2011. This blog is like my virtual diary, and life journal, I shared most of my life experiences and my feelings through this blog pages, even I dunno if someone would read it or not, lol. Just shared it anyway hahaha.

Oh, hope you guys that read this post is having a good Tuesday, and please stay healthy since this pandemic wouldn't stop in nearer time (I guess...), even it's already entering the "new normal" mode, this virus shouldn't be underestimated. Eat well, rest well, exercise well, and be happy :)

I wish I could be happy too. Sadly I didn't feel that well this past few years, but I'm still going through it all till today. It's related with the title I wrote for this post, found it on Pinterest, "DRAPETOMANIA": (n.) an overthinking urge to run away/.

I wish I could run away from this life if I could. But I couldn't, and I'm still too scared to not to be "scared". I'm scared literally with everything I had on my life, not only in 1 aspect, but the whole thing in my life, and I couldn't express it all well, it's just...a big mess.

Closer to bag's detail. The current trending minimalist bag- Shopee.

The only thing left that I could do is just keep going on along with the things I had till now. I don't have many "good" friends I trusted, I don't trust people that easy now, I had some life traumas that quite changed me and my way of life, the way I see about people as well. I haven't finished my final paper as well, it's super tiring me, If I could speak out my voice, I would say if it wasn't my only fault, but I couldn't tell you the whole long story about it here, but I'm already fed up with it all.

Spending my usual days in this new normal mode, still having photo shoots, writing copy and making contents, and hanging-out with my good little circle I trusted that support me well (thankfully). I gotta share my usual outfit post here and a bit of my moments with some people I treasured.

The Handojo Sisters: Left- Feby (older), Mia (younger).

Me and Ci Jessica.

Quality is much more important rather than quantity for me now. I don't need to hang around with too many people in my life, moreover if they don't have positive impacts for my life, for our connection as well. As I'm getting older, it's one of the thing that life has taught me well. I'm done getting hurt, I'm done being lied to. I'm done wasting my time with toxic and supportive people in life. It's your right to choose who should be hanging around your life, life and self respect is my top 1 priority now. I would like to suggest it to you as well :)

Did you notice that my daily outfit style has changed here? I dunno, I'm enjoying simpler, effortless, and minimalist outfits nowadays. But I still have my feminine and a bit of sexy touch on my daily style preferences :)

took by phone, and edited it through lightroom with my own preset, quite good :D

Went to a new branch of one of the famous ice cream parlour in town, because my ladies chose that spot. I don't really like the menu they served actually, I got own fave ice cream nor pasta spots in town. But I wouldn't mention the ice cream shop name here :D It's located around Kota Lama area in Semarang. Of course, the architechture and interior is beautifully decorated in vintage theme. 
We shared some ice cream scoops, and the traditional Semarang dessert, named Ganjel Rel cake with rich brown sugar taste and has quite hard texture with sesame seeds sprinkle on top. Didn't recommend it for you who couldn't bite and chew hard textured-food guys :D

That's all for today's post. Hope you'll enjoyed it and won't stop here to visit my page. Don't mind to drop your thoughts and comments below too, that's a pleasure for me having a good interaction with u guys :) Stay stylish, stay happy, stay healthy!
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