My First Performance at Semawis

Sasha, me, Bella! <3

Bella's so beautiful!
 Hello girls!! I'm  so happy today ... My first concert finally went pretty well, although there was a slight problem at first, but fortunately everything was back to normal. My Groups Vocal named "AIRISH", consisting of me, Dina, Sasha and Vivi. We sang "We are Young" and follow the arrangements Little Mix. Quite a lot of people are praised, we are very grateful and relieved.
In Semawis I had felt a little sense of confusion, well .... the problem my own feelings ... I don't want to fall for a second time into the same hole .. but why did that feel different ...> <
My school not only show vocal group, but also "CAPOEIRA", do you know about it? Capoeira is a kind of sport (maybe..) mix of breakdance, martial and sports body movement too...

What I wear :
Loose Cardigans-Heath
Black top
Ombre Jeggings-Jakarta
Assorted bracelet
Cambridge Satchel Bag

Thanks for reading!
Love, Amelia!

twitter: @milkamelia
facebook: Milka Amelia
instagram: _milkamelia


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