3 Shades of Pastel

Hello Barbies >< Sorry that I haven't been active lately, because of my National Exam, and now all is over, I'm free now~ But actually I have been free since 1 month ago, but I couldn't find any photographer for my blog post, my friends were so busy :(( So I have to pending my shoots, until today I could have a photoshoot with my brother!!

My National Exam and School Exam' s results are out, for the school exam, I'm quite satisfied, but not with my National Exam...I feel so sad if I remember this thing, my scores aren't good enough...and I have a plan to take a scholarship in Japan, but my scores aren't good enough to apply that scholarship :( I'm feeling so down right now, because that scholarship is the one and only to pursue my dream...but I believe, God has the best plan for me, the better one than that scholarship :') I hope so...

So we had this photoshoot at Wonderia Theme Park, Semarang, a nearly died theme park...but I still love this place to take photos :3
Well, actually me and my bro want to go to Susan Spa, Bandungan, but unfortunately, when we arrived there, the security doesn't allow us to go in, because there was a wedding party inside :(

I really love sweet and cute style, and this pastel color combination outfit suits me well <3 <3

Top : Number61 || Skirt : I forgot the olshop name hehe :s || Belt : Naughty || Shoes : Daddy's ! || Bag : Jakarta Tas (Ig: Jak_Tas)

Aaaand, he's my BIG brother XD , he's  so fluffy right, LOL, he looks so sleepy in that photo :|

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you will enjoy this post x) And I wish I can update my blog more often...
Happy holiday for the third graders~!!!

Love ya!


  1. You look adorable dear!

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