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Hello everybody!! How was you day ?
I will be so busy from this month until next April because I need to prepare for my National Exam on April, and before the National Exam, there's a lot of Tryout Test, maybe around 4-5 times tryout. And I feel like *ugh*, I think I already lost my spirit to study. Now for me, It's too heavy to pay attention to my teacher at class, I'm a bit stressed because for me, I feel like received a big big big task that should be done within less than 3 months, *DANG* TT. 
I already passed my first tryout last week, well, first tryout, I don't have confidence for this tryout result kwkwkw, especially on Math and Economy, so daaaamn hardddd :v
When the other dig in their old desk to search their old books (grade 10 and 11 books to study), I just read my summaries and browse about the subject on internet XD kyahahaha lazy me...
but I have no other choice because I feel so lazy to search my old books, so I use the modern way, internet xP
But next time, I promise myself, I will be more dilligent and study hard more more and more, *I wish*
Because it's hard right to gain the spirit?

The photos on this post is better than the older post hehehe, all of the photos are taken by my church friend, Yosi with her camera, so thankful to God I got a friend like her hehehe so I can get good quality photos...

This outfit is inspired by Lindsay Voitton or Chloe Ting style, they are my favorite bloggers <3 <3 Idk, I really love their style, how to call it? Idk the style name, boho or whatever I don't know, but I really like their style, and it's so "Me" XD

My  outfit : Daddy's white shirt, Pink Camisole from NeeSally, Pants (frgt the olshop's name), Woven Bag-KAYA, White heels - Aglae House (IG), Daisy Headband-Adam n' Eve, Dream Catcher - Stroberi, Assorted bracelets

Lovelies, I'm sorry if I will rarely post something here from now on, because I'll be so busy with my National Exam and tryouts, I hope you guys still support me and please pray for me and my National Exam ;') I will post something as soon as possible if I have spare time hehehe

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, don't forget to write comment below ^^

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  1. very cute outfit! good luck on the exams :)
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)


    1. thank you! already followed you ^^ follow mine too :*


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